• Vedic Astrology Handbook

    A Beginner's Guide to Read a Birth Chart

    Embark on a transformative celestial journey with my Vedic Astrology Handbook, a gem born out of my personal quest for celestial wisdom.


    This compilation is not your usual Vedic astrology book; it's more like an instruction manual, offering a 9 essential step-by-step guide to reading any birth chart. Synthesizing wisdom from various sources, including insightful classes conducted by seasoned astrologers, the handbook unfolds cosmic mysteries with unprecedented clarity.


    This e-book is a component of the Soul Purpose - Vedic Astrology Course, offering individuals the option to either purchase it separately or enroll in the astrology course, where it is already included.


    As a token of cosmic connection, enjoy a special 30% discount exclusively for our Indonesian astrology enthusiasts. Click here to claim the discount.


    Your cosmic exploration is now within reach—let the stars guide you on this enriching journey!


    PS: This handbook is written in English. Read sample.

    Order will be processed on weekdays.

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