Unlock Your Potential and Live a Life You Love With Vedic Astrology


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    Want to unlock your potential and live a life you love?

    If you:

    1. Are curious about what your soul's purpose is and how to fulfil it
    2. Want to find a way out of a challenging pattern and wish to transform it
    3. Believe in cosmic energy and want to utilise its benefits in your life
    4. Want to receive deeper insight into your life and create meaningful change
    5. Are curious about astrology and want to elevate your knowledge

    Then this online class series is for you!

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    What you'll learn from this online course series:

    1. Understanding astrology beyond the sun sign
    2. How to decode a Vedic astrology birth chart
    3. Understanding your gifts, challenges, and life purpose
    4. How to create personal growth, financial prosperity, and harmony in all of your relationships
    5. How to plan your future that's in alignment with the cosmic energy

  • Course Topics


    Vedic Astrology Fundamentals

    (2 hrs 43 mins)


    Learn the basic and fundamental aspects of Vedic astrology that are necessary to help you interpret a birth chart.


    Decoding Your Birth Chart

    (2 hrs 49 mins)


    Learn how to interpret a birth chart, and understand astrology beyond the sun sign.

    Soul Connections

    (1 hr 52 mins)


    Understand your relationship karma in this lifetime and learn how to create harmony in all your relationships, whether it's with your romantic partner, business partner, friends, or family.


    Wealth, Success & Abundance

    (2 hr 17 mins)


    Discover the secret to unlocking your unique path to wealth, prosperity and abundance in your finance and career.


    Designing Your Future

     (3 hr 16 mins)


    Learn how to design your future that aligns with the cosmic energy, as well as the life chapter that you're currently experiencing.

  • Zia simplifies Vedic astrology effectively, using case studies, slides, and class recordings for easy understanding and repetition. The practical examples in case studies clarify complex concepts, while visual aids and recordings enhance the learning experience. This approach ensures a thorough grasp of the subject in a concise and accessible manner.

    I highly recommend Zia's astrology course to anyone seeking quality instruction in the field. 

    Zia's passion for the subject and her eagerness to share knowledge have significantly enhanced my understanding of life, empowering me to make the most out of every opportunity.

    Zia has made this workshop incredibly accessible, particularly for Indonesians. She provides clear guidance on reading Vedic astrology in our birth charts and emphasizes the importance of trusting our intuition in the process. Acquiring knowledge about Vedic astrology is a fundamental step towards aligning ourselves with the universe.

  • Course Outline


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    Module 1 - Vedic Astrology Fundamentals

    (2 hrs 43 mins)

    • What is Vedic astrology
    • The difference between Vedic and Western astrology
    • The 9 "graha" (celestial bodies)
    • The 12 zodiac signs
    • The 12 houses
    • Understanding cardinal/fixed/mutable signs and the 4 zodiac elements
    • Do's and don'ts for using this wisdom
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    Module 2 - Decoding Your Birth Chart

    (2 hrs 49 mins)

    • Overview of your birth chart
    • The essential steps to interpret a birth chart
    • Your rising sign & understanding of your life's purpose
    • Your moon sign & understanding your inner reality
    • Planetary strength
    • Liberation from the karmic cycle
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    Module 3 - Soul Connections

    (1 hr 52 mins)

    • Overview of your relationships karma in this lifetime
    • Discover your family's karma
    • Understand your ideal partner & relationship pattern
    • Uncover your children's karma
    • Understand your friendships' karma
    • How to heal & grow your relationships
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    Module 4 - Wealth, Success & Abundance

    (2 hr 17 mins)

    • Understanding your money karma in this lifetime
    • The 4 houses of wealth in your chart
    • The planets of wealth in your chart
    • The hidden secret of wealth
    • Dhana Yoga: your wealth destiny
    • Uncovering your soul-fulfilling career
    • Your ideal work environment
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    Module 5 - Designing Your Future

    (3 hr 16 mins) 

    • Understanding your life's timeline and the chapter you're currently in
    • The planetary movement & what it means for you
    • Harnessing the power of the lunar cycle
    • The hidden power of the eclipse season
    • Retrograde planets: how to turn challenges into growth
    • Maturity of planets & houses
  • What's So Good About This Course?



    You can start (and end the course) anytime you want! The freedom of your growth and learning is in your hand.



    You'll have lifetime access to the program. And with that, you can repeat and re-learn the subject anytime you want.



    You'll receive a Vedic Astrology Handbook (valued at Rp 255.000) & over 10 hours of past Q&A Zoom recordings.



    You'll receive updates on every new upgrade within this course for FREE. As we learn and grow, so do you!

  • "Enrolling in Ka Zia's Jyotish class has significantly clarified my understanding of the subject. Previously, I attempted self-study, but I always sensed the need for guidance from a trusted source. Thankfully, the universe guided me to Ka Zia's class, and it has been a beautifully transformative experience.


    In comparison to my previous experiences in other classes, where I tended to be reserved, Ka Zia's teaching style encouraged me to become more actively engaged, especially in asking questions. This shift in my participation is undoubtedly influenced by Ka Zia's delightful teaching demeanor.


    Upon completing the class, I find myself capable of interpreting birth charts in a more systematic and meticulous manner. Previously, my readings were somewhat superficial, leading to hesitation when interpreting someone's birth chart. The increase in my knowledge post this class has provided me with valuable insights.


    The lessons and case studies in the soul purpose class are exceptionally valuable. Ka Zia meticulously explains both theory and practical aspects through detailed case studies, displaying remarkable patience. The class community, comprised of communicative and supportive individuals, further enhances the learning experience. I am truly grateful to be part of this class."
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    ~ Saraswathi

    Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology Enthusiast

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    Meet the presenter: Zia.

    Growing up with a shamanic-healer dad, I witnessed many healing sessions between my dad and people who sought help for non-medical ailments. This upbringing sparked my interest in the cosmic and spiritual world, helping to create my fundamental belief that there's power beyond the physical realm that influences our material world.


    My introduction to Vedic astrology didn't come until 2013, when an astrologer read my birth chart and said that I have a gift to be an astrologer.


    It was only after 6 years of studying Vedic teachings (Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga), that I finally began to pursue this work professionally. Now, 10 years after my first encounter with Vedic astrology, I'm here ready to share my knowledge and experience in an online course format.


    I hope with this course more people can utilise the wisdom of Vedic astrology to unlock their potential and live a life they love.

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  • I am filled with gratitude beyond words.It has been over two years since I began following kak Zia on Instagram, and the wealth of knowledge I've gained from her has been immense. She serves as a genuine inspiration and role model to me. Thank you for generously sharing your valuable insights—I am truly thankful for the positive influence she's had on my life.

    The course was exceptional! What I value the most about it is the in-depth exploration provided through the study cases, which significantly enhanced my ability to read and understand my birth chart.

    I now comprehend the cycle of life, realizing the importance of sowing positive seeds to reap favorable outcomes in my next life. This class has also equipped me with the perspective to find peace in challenging situations, understanding them as consequences of past-life deeds, rather than attributing blame or succumbing to suffering.

    I believe Kak Zia wholeheartedly invested in this course, and I wholeheartedly support and appreciate her efforts! Despite finding the course material challenging, Kak Zia presented it in a manner that was both easy to grasp and enjoyable. She avoided using complicated jargon that could have added unnecessary complexity. I truly sense her intention to ensure that students comprehend the content, rather than simply showcasing her own skills.

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    BONUS #1: Vedic Astrology Handbook

    (valued at Rp 255.000)

    Embark on a transformative celestial journey with my Vedic Astrology Handbook, a gem born out of my personal quest for celestial wisdom.


    This compilation is not your usual Vedic astrology book; it's more like an instruction manual, offering a 9 essential step-by-step guide to reading any birth chart. Synthesizing wisdom from various sources, including insightful classes conducted by seasoned astrologers, the handbook unfolds cosmic mysteries with unprecedented clarity.


    This handbook is written in English.

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    BONUS #2: 10+ hours of Q&A sessions

    As a special bonus, delve into an extensive archive featuring more than 10 hours of video recordings from past Q&A Zoom sessions. This valuable resource allows you to explore a variety of questions that have been previously addressed.


    Take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your understanding by delving into the Q&A archive and learning from the diverse range of queries posed by others.

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    When will the online course start and end?

    Start and finish your course on your terms—our on-demand format allows you the freedom to learn at your own pace.

    I'm new to Vedic astrology. Can I easily join and follow the program?

    Absolutely! My course is designed to demystify Vedic astrology for total beginners and those who have already dabbled in it but want to delve deeper. The approach in this course is highly practical, ensuring that the wisdom of Vedic astrology can be directly applied to your everyday life, steering clear of any superficial, woo-woo information.

    May I ask Zia if I have a question about the information provided in the video?

    First, we suggest checking our "Q&A Vault," a comprehensive library of video recordings from previous sessions where your question may have already been addressed. If you can't find your answer there, you have the opportunity to join our Cosmic Club—an online Vedic astrology mentoring group. During the session, you can pose your question and benefit from insights gained from others' inquiries. To ensure everyone has a chance to ask their question, we limit the number of participants who can join the call.

    Would I have access to the classes after the course ends?

    Lifetime access, endless updates — yours for FREE! Enroll today for lifetime access to the course and all its content. Plus, as a valued member, enjoy complimentary access to all future updates. Your journey to spiritual growth keeps evolving with us!

    When and how would I get the classes?

    Upon registration, check your inbox for login details (subject: "Welcome, New Member!"). Unlock exclusive access to the "Members Only" page on our website, where a wealth of educational content eagerly awaits you. Let the learning journey begin!
  • "This course has given me a profound sense of purpose, aligning perfectly with its title. Wrestling with mental struggles and navigating life with low self-esteem had been a challenge. Despite a busy mind, my actions lacked alignment, and boldness seemed elusive. Fear of failure, insecurity, and the fear of disappointing others often paralyzed me.


    However, this course brought a glimmer of light and hope, prompting a shift in my perspective. It encouraged me to focus on small steps of improvement and savor the journey.


    The knowledge and experience gained were top-notch. Initially hesitant about online courses, Kak Zia's class proved engaging and enjoyable, even during longer sessions. Despite the complexity of Vedic astrology, learning with her was a pleasure.


    In essence, while I used to shy away from many battles, I am now committed to showing up."
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    ~ Sri Valentina

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    ⭐ BONUS: 200+ pages of Vedic Astrology Handbook

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