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The Ideal Relationship for Your Ayurvedic Type

RELATIONSHIP! I need to put that on capslock to emphasise how important this aspect in influencing our life. Which is why it often bugs us when things are not working well in our relationship.

I'm a believer that life is an endless journey of growth and learning process. This is also why I don't believe in failure, but just an opportunity to grow and pivot! What can I do better about this?

And since we're the average of the people that we spend most of our time with, relationships become one of the crucial factors that affect my growth and development.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

👉 (01:45) What are you looking for in a relationship? If you're looking to have someone that can help you become your best self, you're in the right place!

👉 (03:06) The importance of balance in a relationship

👉 (03:49) The ideal relationship for Vata dominant people

👉 (06:03) The ideal relationship for Pitta dominant people

👉 (07:22) The ideal relationship for Kapha dominant people

👉 (09:29) How to attract a great relationship(s) in your life?

👉 (10:48) What if you're already in a relationship and they're not the "ideal" relationship for your dosha?

👉 Curious what's your Ayurvedic body type? Download the quiz here⁣



After you got a chance to listen to this episode, here's a question for you: what's the one thing that you learnt from this class?

Share your learning point(s) on the comment below (with as many details as you can!), so that others can also learn from you.

With so much love,


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