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How to Grow Rich According to Your Ayurvedic Type

Fear is one of the emotions that many of us experience during this COVID-19. And one of them is fear about finance and money, considering how many businesses closed down and the number of people who lost their job.⁣

Now seeing it from Ayurvedic perspective, when it comes to manifesting and preserving wealth, each Ayurvedic type (dosha) has its own tendency. While some people have no problem with saving their money, some others love to spend their money!⁣

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In this episode, you'll learn:

👉 (01:10) The tendency of wealth management of each dosha⁣

👉 (01:35) Vata: easy come easy go. Spend money impulsively⁣

👉 (05:12) Pitta: goal-oriented spending. Spend money on luxury items⁣

👉 (07:41) Kapha: good on preserving money. Need to share it with others⁣

👉 (09:48) So, how to grow rich? What's your definition of rich?⁣

👉 Curious what's your Ayurvedic body type? Download the quiz here



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